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The Arlington

Beer Carrier

is back!

Beer Carrier - Takeout container

Throughout history British beer drinkers have been looking for a solution to the age old problem of how to have draught ale at home without buying up the brewery.


The Arlington Beer Carrier has been developed specifically to meet the needs of the brewing and retail off-trade, as well as the thirsty punter..


Empty, the ABC has a very small foot print, so does not require much storage space either behind the bar, in the brewery or at festivals and events. Filled, it is stable, strong and easy to pour accurately without gulping or glugging.


Made from a strong, food-grade film laminate the ABC is strong enough to withstand the rigours of normal day-to-day use while keeping its contents securely contained. The ABC also has a very low CO2 permeability and  is a dark brewers amber to keep the condition in the beer and prevent UV degradation.


The high quality of the film used gives the ABC a wide working temperature meaning it can be washed out with very hot water and reused time after time. Currently available in only the 4pt size.

Remember, the beer carrier is reusable. Buy once and reuse it many times.

From as little as 88p each including VAT & first class postage.

Tough and re-usable, the Arlington Beer Carrier is the quick, easy way to generate extra business through the take-out trade or to speed sales throughput at events and festivals. They are also ideal for cellar door sales where smaller sizes are required.

ABC’s are made from a tough laminated amber film substrate which will withstand the bumps and knocks of everyday use as well as high temperature washing for re-use. The Beer Carrier is designed primarily for ales and other non-carbonated drinks. Use with carbonated or pressurised drinks is at the users discretion.

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