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The Arlington Beer Combo system provides the ideal, cost effective solution for brewers wishing to transport product in bulk or as a temporary storage during busy periods.

The Beer Combo uses state of the art bag-in-box liquid logistics technology to overcome many of the issues presented by previous systems. In our system all of the liquids containment is performed by a disposable liner bag using industry standard fittings to fill and discharge. As a new liner is used for every fill, you can be sure there is no risk of tainting or contamination from bacterial infection or cleaning chemicals.


Whilst the Combo will carry upto 1000ltrs, it is not necessary to fill the unit to capacity. As this is airless technology the liner can be used for any volume upto the 1000ltr capacity whilst maintaining the product in an oxygen free environment. The system is also strong enough to contain normal natural fermentation gasses keeping the product in excellent condition. We supply the Arlington Combo on a daily hire basis along with consumables and the necessary fittings to couple to your existing system. Have a look at the sideshow to see how the Beer Combo is saving money at Sambrook's Brewery for transferring beer to their bottling partner.


Arlington supply a full range of accessories to ensure the Combo system is used most efficiently and cost effectively;

  • Liners, including standard, barrier, aseptic and Air-Assist.

  • Connectors, a full range of industry standard, food grade, connectors to mate with your existing equipment.

  • Valves, a full range of filling and discharge valves to control inward and outward flows.

  • Tamper evidence, security devices, for positive stock verification and control.

  • Support, Arlington can provide on-site and telephone support for all of it’s products to ensure best practice and cost efficiency are maintained throughout the supply chain.

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