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Beer Combo

• Cost effective rental

• No cleaning or chemicals

• Small storage footprint

• No taint or contamination

• No oxygen pickup

Never clean a transport container again

The low cost, bag-in-box, transportation and storage solution for brewers and bottlers


The Arlington Beer Combo system provides the ideal, cost effective solution for brewers and bottlers wishing to transport product in bulk, particularly for transfer to bottling, or as a temporary storage during busy periods.


The Beer Combo uses state of the art bag-in-box liquid logistics technology to overcome many of the issues associated with previous systems. The Beer Combo system relies for containment, hygiene and protection from contaminants on its single use 3-ply disposable liner bag.


The liner bag uses industry standard fittings to fill and discharge, the ports including discharge valve are integrated into the liner so require no cleaning. Because a new liner is used for every fill, you can be sure there is no risk of tainting, microbial contamination or cleaning chemical residue. As the liner is sealed and does not require venting to fill or empty, no additional oxygen or other contaminants are draw in into contact with the product during transit.


Whilst the Combo will carry upto 1000ltrs, it is not necessary to fill the unit to capacity. As this is airless technology the liner can be used for any volume upto the 1000ltr capacity whilst maintaining the product in an oxygen free environment. The system is also strong enough to contain normal natural fermentation gasses keeping the product in excellent condition. We supply the Arlington Combo on a daily hire basis along with consumables and the necessary fittings to couple to your existing system.

What do the experts say...


“Dissolved Oxygen (DO) and Microbiological contamination during transportation from the brewer to the plant represents a real threat to the quality of the end product. In our plant we will only use the combo as a transportation vessel, we feel it allows us to control any potential for microbiological and Dissolved Oxygen contamination. The risks associated with using traditional rigid IBC’s is massive and effectively the beer could be ruined in transit.

Once we receive it here, we test it, put into a stainless steel jacketed tank with a blanket of CO2 via a heat exchanger (to cool it right down), then we test the turbidity in the tank and only filter and bottle it when it's ready to do so.  This process is far quicker than in some other plants and therefore customers get fresher beer back sooner, thus having a better product to sell and adding benefit to their cash flow.” Said Liam Morrow director of Morrow Brothers, he went on to say “The Combo has proved to be really cost efficient, space efficient and easy to use, but primarily we rely on its ability to get the customers product here in the best condition possible, this allows us to ensure the quality of the finished product”

Morrow Brothers Packaging

An old montage of pictures from a photo-shoot at Sambrook's Brewery in Wandsworth. Whilst Sambrook's continues to thrive, Duncan Sambrook MD and co founder of the brewery, has expanded his horizons and is now also a Director at South East Bottling Limited.

For the same reasons explained above by Morrow brothers, Sambrook's and South East bottling are committed to the quality of both their product and service. As such the use best of breed equipment like the beer combo to achieve these ends.

Both companies are long standing valued customers of Arlington.

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